I Dare You To Ignore These Adoptable Pups Once They Hit The Photo Booth

KS_LOGOs2_PopCultureThe Humane Society of Utah started putting their adoptable dogs in front of the camera and the results are too cute!

Humane Society 1
Ciara the 3 year old Black Mouth Cur mix CREDIT: Humane Society of Utah Facebook

The mastermind behind the photo booth project is photographer Guinnevere Shuster, who is the Social Media Coordinator at the Humane Society.

This campaign puts adoptable dogs in front of the lens, letting them show off their unique personalities. The Humane Society uses their popular Facebook page to constantly post new pics of puppies, and updates those photos once the pup has been happily adopted.

The best part about this new photo booth campaign is that it’s working! According to the Humane Society, the placement rate of dogs has reached a whopping 93.26%.

All the dogs you see below have been adopted! Click through a selection of the dog portraits and enjoy 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not all going to the dogs. The Human Society of Utah also has a bunch of adorable cats and other animals to adopt. They make frequent appearances on social media as well.

Humane Society 2
Credit: Humane Society of Utah Facebook



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