These Tiny Fluffy ‘Sea Bunny’ Slugs Almost Broke the Internet

KS_LOGOs2_UnderwaterWho knew sea slugs could be adorable? The ‘sea bunny’ slug, orĀ Jorunna parva,Ā isĀ a speciesĀ known for its fluffy bunny-like appearance. No wonder it just gave the internet a heart attack! šŸ’“


This littleĀ sea slugā€™s bunny ears are actuallyĀ rhinophores, or chemosensoryĀ organs that help themĀ detectĀ chemicals in the water and also senseĀ changes in currents.Ā And its tiny ‘fluffy’ bunny body (less than 1 inch) is actually covered in caryophyllidia – sensoryĀ tubercles, surrounded by tiny needle-like structures called spicules.

Jorunna parva belongs to a group of soft-bodied, marine mollusksĀ called nudibranchs.Ā They are found along the coast of Japan, but have also been spotted in the Indian Ocean and around the Philippines.

This cute underwater rabbit can vary in color from yellow, to orange, to white with black ‘spots.’ All I know is I want one! šŸ°

These Tiny Fluffy ‘Sea Bunny’ Slugs Almost Broke the Internet