Incredible Time-Lapse of a Bee’s Birth: From Egg to Flight in 60 Seconds

KS NatureScreen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.39.26 PMNational Geographic Japan shared this amazing time-lapse video of a bee being born. I love when science videos get over 1,653,803 views on YouTube 🙂 Click here for more information about a bee’s life cycle!

Over the course of 21 days, you can watch this bee egg hatch into a larva – the larva swims in its cell, feeding on liquid food from the queen bee – the legs and head evolve as it develops into a pupa – the tissue reorganizes in its body and the eyes form – then, the skin shrivels and it sprouts hair. BOOM. Bee time.

This video is the work of biologist turned photographer, Anand Varma.