Designer Tweaks Typeface to Show What It’s Like to Read with Dyslexia

KS HealthDaniel Britton, a graphic designer in London, has created a typeface that looks like an alien language. It’s not from another planet, but it is designed to give the average reader an out of body experience. Britton has managed to recreate what its like to read with dyslexia.

The image below is as disorienting as it is enlightening. See how you might process words if you were dyslexic.

IMAGE: Daniel Britton
IMAGE: Daniel Britton

Britton was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 18 years old. He quickly realized he wasn’t alone. According to Dyslexia International, one in ten people are dyslexic, which equates to roughly 700,000,000 adults and children around the world.

“What this typeface does is break down the reading time of a non-dyslexic down to the speed of a dyslexic. I wanted to make non-Dyslexic people understand what it is like to read with the condition and to recreate the frustration and embarrassment of reading everyday text and then in turn to create a better understanding of the condition.” – Britton

Dyslexia is often greatly misunderstood. Britton hopes his typeface will help non-dyslexics empathize with those who struggle. And, if all goes to plan, his artwork will eventually lead to faster more effective treatment for dyslexia. That way, dyslexic students can learn at the same pace as their peers, giving them an equal chance to succeed! 👏



One thought on “Designer Tweaks Typeface to Show What It’s Like to Read with Dyslexia

  1. Reblogged this on Cali Legitness and commented:
    Cheers to Daniel Britton for his new graphic design. For fellow ‘lexics out there, I programmed ‘OpenDyslexic’ font as my computer’s typeface along with the BeeLine reader. The font and colored reader are both extraordinarily helpful for long reads.


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